The BASIRA Project’s first presentation was given on June 20, 2105 in New Haven, Connecticut at a conference of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars. See the full text: The Painted Page. An edited version of this paper has now been published in The Independent Scholar, an open access, peer-reviewed journal. A PDF of the volume 1, December 2015 issue is available at The Independent Scholar (click for link).

In November 2015, the BASIRA team made a poster presentation at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association in Durham, North Carolina.The two-part display included four pages of printed foam-board, assembled in codex form. Its companion piece, an over-size poster, presents three themes—annunciation images, postures of persons holding a book, and environments surrounding a book holder—across time. We had many interesting conversations during the conference, especially at sessions coordinated by SHARP (the Society for the History of Authorship, Publishing, and Reading).

over-sized poster "book"
Database examples bound in codex form

(The beaded ornament on the codex poster imitates jeweled bookmarks that are visible in a few paintings of books, especially those by Flemish artists.)


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